Lovecast crew

LoveCast is brought to you by the teams behind CarpeDM, a video-based mobile dating app, and District IRL, a DC-based media company.


Why we created LoveCast: Our teams specialize in connecting people through technology and curating engaging social events that allow people to interact #IRL (in real life) - to celebrate, collaborate, and develop the meaningful relationships they desire.  Now more than ever, we know the importance of building social bonds and curating experiences that help us all feel more connected. That's why we created LoveCast, an interactive virtual dating experience that will allow everyone to join in on the fun of finding love - from match-making, to watching real first dates, to helping our couples decide if they want to take their relationships to the next level. We're all in it together!

We are also excited to create a community experience where we can give back to the service industry professionals and the businesses on the front lines of the COVID-19 recovery. LoveCast will have special guest hosts, virtual tip jars to help support local artists and businesses, as well as strategic partnerships with local businesses designed to enhance the virtual social experience, bringing our Cast and viewers as close to meeting in real life as possible in this challenging time. 

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About CarpeDM: CarpeDM (Seize the Dating!®), is the first and only dating app that provides users a shortcut to chemistry™ by requiring a real-time 5-10 minute video chat between matches before they can text! CarpeDM’s patented matching process integrates video as an initial screening tool to help singles weed out incompatible matches and make real, more meaningful connections faster. For us, video first equals chemistry first! So, no more catfish, dead end texting, and wasted time and money spent on awkward first dates. With CarpeDM's video-first approach users get to quickly gauge chemistry while keeping the personal details that matter most, like names, phone numbers, and email addresses private. 


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About District IRL: DistrictIRL is a Washington, DC-based media company that lives at the intersection of online and offline connection. Their mission is to bring people together through one-of-a-kind, in-person and virtual experiences to cultivate genuine relationships and celebrate life.


DistrictIRL creates and features interactive, buzzworthy events for those who seek meaningful, memorable experiences. DistrictIRL is the vision of Cory Lawrence and Roxy Jahangeri, Co-Founders of IRL Agency.